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Critical Note: These reviews comes from decades of anime viewing. My own tastes and tolerances have changed dramatically over time. There are definitely some ratings that I would change now. Most are based on my reaction close to the time of viewing.

The color key is as follows:

Bold Green - Actual A/A+ anime. A highly recommended purchase.
Yellow - Enjoyable anime... probably not a regretable purchase.
Orange - Borderline bad/tolerable anime... but it's like a trainwreck... probably don't want to buy this without watching it first.
Red - Pretty bad anime. Watch with caution and definitely do not buy these without first seeing them!
Bold Red - Mental Self-Mutilation. If someone even asks you to watch this, question their motives. Avoid this at all costs.
Special - Anime that deserves special attention as it crosses the fine line between garbage and greatness.

* - An anime I have not seen completely for whatever reason.

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