Video Editing Awards / Honors

Title Award / Honor
BirthrightBest Fight (Expo) at AWA12 (2006)
Floating Through The VeinsBest Confrontational (Expo) at AWA12 (2006)
Prayer for DestructionBest Action, Creator's Award, and Best of show at Anime Expo(tie). (2005)
F A VBest Action at Fanime (2005)
Beautiful EarthMasters Award at AWA10 (2004)
ImagesBest Technical (Expo) at AWA10 (2004)

Best Sentimental Viewers Choice Awards (2004)
Grand Theft Bebop 2: Vice CityBest Trailer Viewers Choice Awards (2004)

Viewers Choice (Short/Trailer) at Fanime (2004)
Eternal DamnationBest Action at AWA9 (2003)

Best Action Video & Best Instrumental Video - Viewers Choice Awards (2004)
EndureBest Dramatic Video on Viewers Choice Awards (2003)
Souls of Rage and SorrowJudges Award for Best Editing at CSUN (2002)

Best Instrumental Video on Viewers Choice Awards (2003)

Judges Choice (Free Form) at Fanime (2003)
DevotionChoice Award (Otakuoutpost) at Anim Expo (2002)
A Day in the Life of Roger SmithUnderground Award (for Keeping it Real) at AWA8 (2002)
BondBest Technical at Megacon (2001)
Ninja Girl V1Best Fight at AWA7 (2001)

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