CardMaker Tutorial: Formatted Text: Basic Font Manipulation

This guide covers the use of FormattedText element to adjust the font inline. If you are familiar with HTML tags this is not all that different.

Normally when you use a Text/FormattedText element you set the style in the Element Control window. With FormattedText inline tags you can switch the style any time you want.

    Font Tags
  1. Bold: Sample
  2. Italic: Sample
  3. Strikeout: Sample
  4. Underline: Sample
  5. Font Size (see image below)
  6. Font Color (see image below)

    The definition for the above is: <b>Bold</b><br><i>Italic</i><br><s>Strikeout</s><br><u>Underline</u><br><fs=16>Font Size</fs><br><fc=0xFF00FF>Font Color</fc><br>
    Note: It is critical to set the Line Spacing value in the Element Control window!

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