CardMaker Tutorials

Please be sure to read through the manual! The tutorials and manual overlap in some cases but there is a lot of reference information in the manual not covered here.

GitHub Wiki for CardMaker
BoardGameGeek Guild (forum for reporting bugs, making requests, and asking for help)

Title Sample Image
Basic: Working with the Application
Basic: Creating a Basic Deck of Cards
Reference: Basic
Reference: Defines
Reference: Overrides
Reference: Working without a Reference
References: Data Referencing with Parameters
Element: Definition Variables and Logic
Element: Text
Text: Basic (soon!)
Element: Formatted Text
Formatted Text: Basic Font Manipulation
Formatted Text: Inline Images
Element: Graphic
Graphic: Basic (soon!)
Element: Shapes
Shape: Ellipse (soon!)
Shape: Grid (soon!)
Shape: Rectangle (soon!)
Shape: Rounded Rectangle (soon!)

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