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3-8-2005 Big Wars Remastered Out Now! (why are you reading this and not out buying it?!)

Big Wars remastered has hit the shelves at stores across America and Canada. Moments after being stocked millions of rabid fans stormed stores to get the latest fascinating remastered version of Big Wars. Update: Over 1.6 million copies were believed to be sold in the first two days.

3-1-2005 Big Wars Does Not Suck

This a**hole on some lamea** anime music video website thinks Big Wars isn't the pinnacle of cinema. I hope someone DDOS attacks that entire site for allowing such trash to exist. I won't link to the video as it's offensive and may be inappropriate for readers of this site. I am sorry for any obsenities in this post but I can get really emotional when someone doesn't apprecaite the hard work and effort put into real art unlike cr*p from that site like this and other creations by the Big Wars hater.

12-10-2004 Big Wars Remastered DVD Coming Soon!

Central Park Media: 12-10-2004
For immediate release
: Big Wars: Remastered Edition will be released March 2005.

I have been waiting for years for this to happen. This announcement is the greatest news I have ever heard in my life. I just moved into my new appartment and bought a great new HDTV ... and OMG Big Wars: Remastered will look f'n incredible on it. The regular edition also looks great... but when they remaster Big Wars with Anamorphic Widescreen(finally!) and THX I am going to be watching Big Wars round the clock for days. I can't believe the DVD is coming out before the 2005 Theatrical release.

11-13-2004 Big Wars coming to a theater near you?!

With the recent online petition becoming a national news item across America, Big Wars will finally be shown on the big screen sometime in 2005. It is believed that the showing will coincide with the release of Star Wars Episode III in hopes to catch and spark the interest of disappointed Star Wars fans leaving the theater hoping to see a true masterpiece. With recent technological advances Big Wars will be remastered for the theatrical release. Do I smell a remastered DVD coming soon?!

I often wondered if they would release an updated DVD with director and actor commentary. I have high hopes that they will redo the DVD as many fans have demanded that the production value be brought up to today's standards. The original DVD distribution, while tolerable, definitely lacks some of the aspects I love from other anime DVDs. (although I don't really own many... I mean I own Big Wars, what more do I need) Anamorphic widescreen would pretty much set me in the mood for the next four decades.

There is also marketing plans for Taco Bell to produce Big Wars collectable cups for sale with value combo meals! I am already preparing for my trips to Taco Bell to collect them all!

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