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As though you didn't already know this...

Big Wars is essentially a gift from god. (but not the bad ones from the movie hahaha! ho ho ho... )... and if you aren't religious then it's a gift from the cosmos or something... This movie is not only incredible... it's LEGENDARY!!


The plot of Big Wars is (no pun intended) BIG. There are about 6 main stories intertwined and crossing over at any given moment. The writing is incredible and definitely is among the best on the planet (probably the entire universe).

The Earth is under attack by blond women in ufos. The attack began shortly after the colonization of Mars began. Brandon is the captain of a major battleship given the responsibility to save the planet. The blond women are called "Gods" but you can be certain they bow down to Brandon and his amazing skills! The battles take place in space, on Earth, Mars, and even in the bedroom! There is melee, space, and oral combat throughout this epic!

Main Characters

Brandon Blazkowitz - The champion of the movie. This guy rocks the movie from start to finish. He's the Captain of the S. S. Badrock and he blows the aliens away. He's kind of seeing Belfina, but he's not stupid and would never let her fool him. Brandon is the archetype for all heroes.
Belfina Sandel - This sly sexy female is at the top of her game and never lets down the United Rebellion against Mars. She's got a seedy past and might be infected with the alien nymphomania! Her presence on the screen is only second to Brandon's. She's an incredible dynamic chaarcter. I could not believe the character development... it's utterly amazing. Belfina is essentially the sexiest most badass female character ever.
Beatrice Dynex - This sketchy untrustworthy female is in charge of determining if the males of the movie are alien or not. Her constant nagging and endless light beaming into people's eyes plays an important role in establishing the cornerstone that would become the Big Wars legend. Other than that she's useless.
Ralph Conners - Ralph is the plucky comic relief. He doesn't do that much in the movie other than get mocked by his companions for being stupid. He really represents the average anime viewer who doesn't appreciate fine art like Big Wars.
Allen Bentar - Allen doesn't have any lines in the movie at all. His scenes are incredible as a pilot overcoming his fear of flying after seeing his mother and father die in a plane crash. His struggle doesn't stand up to Brandon's, but the development and emotional difficulties as the movie progresses are incredible.
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