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I love hearing from people how much they love Big Wars!

When I first started the site I was worried I might not have many visitors. To my delight millions of people have visited the site and commented on their love for Big Wars. Below are some of my favorite quotes! We all love Big Wars and there is nothing better than that love to bring us together to defeat the alien scum!


"Big Wars was my first anime movie... It was incredible and I made all my friends watch it twice!" Bill Jolton (R.I.P.)

"I was wasting my time getting high... now I just watch Big Wars because the joy gets me even higher... thanks to Big Wars I have been drug free for the last week!" - Jorge Santos

"I was in a rough time in my life when I saw Big Wars. The emotion in the film was incredible and helped me get over the death of my mother and father. I cannot thank the creators enough." - Jennifer Ballentien

"My daughter was the national news centerpiece in a life or death situation. When we weren't crusading for government intervention we watched Big Wars to calm our nerves and help us maintain our faith in god." - Mary and John Sanven

"I used to not take anime seriously... and I still don't. But Big Wars is not anime. Big Wars is essentially at heart the archetype for all art. I have changed my college curriculum to teach my students the art of Big Wars." - Dr. Tom Jalnik

"I watch Big Wars whenever I am not fighting fires or playing WoW. Fortunately (sic, I think he meant Unfortunately) this is not often" - Willem (sic, I think he's actually William) Milo. Thanks for the comment but learn how to spell your own name... and you fight fires?!

"While I was remastering Howard the Duck with new scenes including flash lights and Ewoks I made sure to view Big Wars at least three times a week." - George Lucas

"I was watching Big Wars when an earthquake hit. I thought god was angry because I was watching the movie instead of doing my homework... it turns out god was just angry because my dad had cheated on my mom with the nanny. The movie R0X3RS!" - Alex Benning

Sorry to all those people who submitted comments ... I haven't had the time to put them up yet! Thanks and keep them coming!

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