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Big Wars Rules !

Need I say more ? !

See the look on Brandon's face? That's the look he gets whenever someone thinks something bad about Big Wars! He's only made that face one time. The person who thought poorly is now six feet under because.... BIG WARS RULES!

How can Big Wars Rule when so much other stuff is the awesome and things?

You obviously do not appreciate art and deserve nothing more than the utter crap that Miyazaki makes.

Why doesn't my local <insert dvd store> have Big Wars or Big Wars: Remastered?

They are fools. I would ask to speak with their manager. I paid $27.99 for my original copy... trust me it was a bargain for the joy this film has brought me.

How do I convince non-anime fans to watch Big Wars so they too can behold the glory?

Ask them to read the description on the back of the DVD... When they see the word "nymphomania" they will immediately request a viewing. (possibly two)

Other sites list the characters names differently than this one... why?

Those people read the credits etc. I took the time to read the original manga and script and refer to them as they were always meant to be. Please don't email me about this issue. PLEASE.

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