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The Big Wars Expo is in Santa Clara CA This Year !

In direct competition with Anime Expo... we will have the Big Wars Expo the same week/weekend! Obviously many disgusted anime fans will be leaving AX's pathetically long lines and price gouging dealer tables to come join us and bask in the joy that is Big Wars and Big Wars related merchandise! See the schedule below

7-1-2005 Big Wars Remastered on the Big Screen (plays all day starting @ 1am)

Big Wars on the big screen... need any more good news?! You'll never see it this way until the theatrical release!

7-2-2005 Big Wars Fan Stuff!

This all day event is dedicated to Big Wars creations by attendees. Manga, AMVs, EVERYTHING! You have to come check out all the great creations people have come up with! Bring your wallet!

7-3-2005 Big Wars: Meet the Crew!

One of the janitors who cleans toilets in the office building built on top of the delapitated shack that burnt down where Big Wars was created will be telling tales. (WARNING: Japanese speakers are not subtitled)

7-4-2005 Big Wars Classic on the Big Screen

On the final day we will be watching the original non-remastered version of Big Wars. This version is a little more rough around the edges... but there is something special to the original before they added the dancing scene with the alien that looks like it's from Monsters Inc. Come bask in the glow that is Big Wars! Food will be served! (Drinks will not.)

After the movie there will be firework(s). The plurality of firework will be determined by the budget at the time.

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